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2023 G-STAR B2C

Global Exhibition / Integrated Branding

EA Sports 2023 G-STAR B2C

Global Exhibition / Integrated Branding

Project Background

In the year of 2023, EA Sports, a trailblazer in sports video games, bid farewell to its longstanding partnership with FIFA. This marked a pivotal moment as the renowned FIFA series underwent a strategic rebranding, emerging as the refreshed EA Sports FC.

Simultaneously, the Founders Club, a community membership uniting players from the legacy FIFA series with the emerging champions of EA Sports FC, took center stage. A testament to bridging the old and the new, the Founders Club became a cornerstone of this revolutionary era.

G-STAR 2023, an esteemed annual exhibition in Busan, South Korea, awaited as the canvas for introducing this transformative chapter to the world. Known for its convergence of technology, gaming, and esports, G-STAR provided a platform for corporations and gaming enthusiasts to explore the latest advancements and engage in a vibrant celebration of the gaming industry.

Our Solution

EIDETIC, entrusted with unveiling the evolution of EA Sports FC at G-STAR 2023, introduced the Founders Clubhouse as the nexus of our strategy. At its core, the Clubhouse featured the live streaming of the FC Online esports tournament: FC Pro Festival, providing an immersive experience for attendees and a glimpse into the heart of EA Sports FC’s identity.

The design of the Clubhouse seamlessly integrated EA Sports FC’s branding elements—such as the iconic triangle and the introduction of their official brand color: pitch green. These elements subtly signaled the franchise's commitment to its core identity and evolution. The player tunnel, with its pitch green ambiance, historical narrative and the iconic triangle became a symbolic journey into the brand's rich history and transformation. Beyond the esports spectacle, the Founders Clubhouse thoughtfully included engaging elements like an attractive photo zone and a photo booth, leaving a lasting impression on both Founders Club members and non-members alike. This holistic approach reinforced the identity of EA Sports FC and showcased Eidetic’s commitment to delivering impactful experiences.

- Creative Strategy & Attendee Journey Mapping
- Overall Design, Fabrication & Construction of the Booth & Application
- Scenic Photo Op Installation for the Game
- HR Management & Show Site Supervision