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2013 Gamescom Koln

eSports Events / Global Exhibition

Webzen 2013 Gamescom Koln

eSports Events / Global Exhibition

Project Background

Webzen is a South Korean game developer and publishing company that was founded in 2000. After the successful debut of Its first game, MU, in Korea, the company published the game internationally. The game was equally popular globally, leading to multiple games sharing the IP. Through acquisitions and mergers, Webzen has become a global player in the industry known for its creative game development and publishing.

Gamescom serves as the central platform for the European computer and video game industry. This exhibition brings together retail, trade and the media, providing the ideal setting for the establishment and cultivation of business relationships. From business, entertainment, conference and other areas, Gamescom offers a plethora of methods to enjoy, learn and network for casual to professional visitors.

Let's play Webzen's games.

Our Solution

Eidetic Marketing was responsible for the overall design, build-up, brand fabrication and activation of both Webzen's B2B and B2C booths at gamescom. The B2B booth was efficiently planned and designed to best use the limited space for business purposes, while the B2C booth was built up to maximize exposure and for optimal eSports play. Eidetic Marketing was further tasked with the administration and management of both booths.

- Key visual design, fabrication of booth and brand applications for B2B and B2C booths
- Optimal allocation of space for business meetings in B2B booth
- Effective on-site administration managing eSports tournament
- Tech support of live stream eSport tournament and promotional material