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2018 New Sportage China

Global Events / Social Media & Global Influencer

NEW SPORTAGE 2018 New Sportage China

Global Events / Social Media & Global Influencer

Project Background

KIA is an automotive company that is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group, a multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Korea. Founded in 1944, KIA is one of the largest car manufacturer in the world having produced over 3 million vehicles worldwide. The brand is acknowledged for its affordable, yet innovative vehicles for which it has received many awards.

KIA launched its New Sportage model in 2018 and needed to create buzz around the new vehicle. Marketed as a modern city SUV, the event was held in Xian amidst a young and passionate population. The event was targeted towards a wide variety of groups, ranging from press, dealers, the general population and more. KIA needed support in terms of creative direction in planning and actualizing the event.

Let's drive KIA.

Our Solution

Eidetic Marketing was tasked with the creative design and fabrication of KIAs New Sportage Event in Xian. Eidetic effectively portrayed the brand event to appeal to the wide variety of patrons. Designing the key visuals, fabrication and brand applications for the event, Eidetic Marketing efficiently managed the whole event to the end.

- Creative design of key visuals and event fabrication for total area of 3,000m2
- Catered to 650 spectators, ranging from press, dealers, VIPs, etc.
- Creation of 4 videos and other media Assets to be used at the event