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2020 Tech Show Shanghai

Global Events / Global Exhibition

Huelead 2020 Tech Show Shanghai

Global Events / Global Exhibition

Project Background

Huelead was founded in 1997. Since being founded, it has been dedicated to providing medium and high-end exhibition industry integrated solutions. From enterprise marketing promotions and major trade conferences to cultural events like museums and exhibition halls, Huelead focuses on multiple businesses. Tey also provide Pro-AV technical services for automobiles, information technology, pharmaceuticals, movies and entertainment.

The Huelead AV Tech Demo is an annual event held in December of each year, with the goal of revealing and exhibiting the newest AV technologies to attendees and partners. The event needed to be connected by a central theme, while also effectively demonstrating the technology introduced by Huelead. The event has been held every year since 2010, so expectations were high for this year’s ten year anniversary.

Huelead 2020 Show 7.0
- Date: 2019.12.22-05 (4 Days)
- Venue: 2,000sq. meter, Huelead Center, Zhabei, Shanghai, China
- Programs: Opening Performance, Exhibition, Keynote Speech
- Brands of invited Marketers: vivo, Geely, Bandai, Hyundai Motors, Volvo, Tencent
- Attendees 2,400 Audience over 4 days

Our Solution

Eidetic took on this monumental mission of taking the event where every year the objective of the event is to show newly launched technology to target audiences effectively, and then combine that style of demonstration with an art exhibition successfully. We added the artistic atmosphere by separating the space into 4 seasons, with a day and night cycle. In the spring zone, the bamboo forest represented growth, lotus leaves floating on an LED screen pond and an LED waterfall with boats installed represented summer; in autumn, there was a yellow tent, parted open to reveal projections of poetic phrases; and the winter displayed vivid images of ice, snow, blizzards and icicles, with moving LED strips and laser emphasis.

At the conclusion of the exhibition, attendees could proceed to the central stage of the fifth section and observe the four season concerto show, witnessing all seasons being expressed at once.

- 4 themed zones inspired by Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter with oriental theme
- Main Stage Design, Production, and Operation
- Event Branding Identity and BI/BX Architecture
- Keynote speech, Network Session, Exhibitions Planning and Execution