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2020 Zero Concept Launching Event

Global Events

Lynk&Co 2020 Zero Concept Launching Event

Global Events

Project Background

LYNK&CO is an automotive company that is a subsidiary of GEELY, a multinational auto manufacturing company headquartered in China. Founded in 2016, LYNK&CO is a brand that is focused on the automobile’s internet connectivity and innovative purchasing models for easier acquisition.

This event was aimed to present the electric motor vehicle platform and Zero Concept car for the first time. Maintaining the existing brand image of innovation, our design needed to focus on the distinct characteristics of the electric motor vehicle platform. Every experience process including the launching event would be broadcasted both on-line and off-line. Avoiding unilateral information transfer, our design goal was to let attendees enjoy interactions within a futuristic city themed space while acquiring brand information.

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Executed Region
#China, Shanghai

Our Solution

Our design concept presents a city that evolves in real-time. Using S.E.A (Sustainable Experience Architecture), a variable electric platform’s key characteristics, we matched Lynk&co’s existing concept—a brand new type of urban transportation. After considering the shape and perspective of the stand, a 4-sided elevating LED Cube in the middle of the stage was designed to stimulate interactions with clusters of motions as seen in a real city. The floor LED (3,000mmL*5,000mmH) and 3 other LEDs (9,000mmL*3,500mmH) including the main screen were designed to be lifted up to summon an impressive spatial effect. Attendees could experience an entrance way to this spirited and vibrant futuristic city even from their seats.

To provide a deeper user experience, Lynk&co’s global signature models were casted and positioned in an experiential space. All 12 models wore different costumes specifically designed in line with the future-oriented concept. When the S.E.A platform was unveiled, all the hidden AV equipment including the lifting transparent projection, the 4-side LED, and the laser effect interacted with each other making special effects and the last platform appeared. With the main LED placed at eye level, attendees could freely go down to the stage and watch the platform closely after the unveiling. We designed every aspect of the launching event, from every single interaction to the after party, sharing Lynk&co’s core brand value of innovation and technology.

- Creative Strategy & Attendee Journey Mapping
- Event Marketing Planning & Operation
- Interactive Media Contents Creation
- Stage Management & Execution
- Social Media Strategy & Amplification